Case Study

Refresco – Production Logistics Challenge

Refresco conveyor systems

The Challenge

Faced with the dilemma of improving production efficiency without detrimental effect on the supply chain, Refresco looked to Colwall Conveyor Systems (CCS) for inspiration.

The dilemma was facilitating installation of new high speed packaging machinery whilst maintaining production of bottled soft drinks during peak demand period. The goal was finding ways to:

  1. Achieve uninterrupted production with existing equipment throughout said installation process.
  2. Facilitate routing of product across production lines with rapid changeover/start-up times.
  3. Expedite permanent routing of production to new equipment, post installation.
  4. Facilitate de-commissioning of redundant equipment without interrupting production.

The Solution

The demanding brief was compounded further by a directive from the client, namely that a maximum of 96 hours would be available for any intervention necessary to achieve all of the above.

CCS hence devised an intricate arrangement that they could realise and prove at their own workshop, prior to mounting at site on the clients’ existing conveyors. With diligent planning, CCS duly completed the assignment both successfully and on time.

Conveyor System Design and Installation

Refresco  Conveyor System
Refresco  Conveyor System 1

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