Finished Pack Belt Conveyor Systems

For Food and Beverage Packaging Sectors

Finished Pack Belt Conveyor Systems

Key to getting it right first time is development of a robust user requirement specification (URS) Whether compiled by the client, CCS themselves, or in collaboration, the URS underpins the entire process of equipment supply.

The next stage, typically, is for CCS to conduct a detailed survey of the client facility and subsequently produce proposals accordingly.
Proposals are subsequently presented formally to our client, objective being to sign-off prior to proceeding with manufacture.

All-Inclusive Service

  • 1

    Design – Customised to individual requirements & environment

  • 2

    Installation – diligent planning ensures minimal disruption to production schedule

  • 3

    Maintenance – we offer a range of after-sales services to suit requirement and budget

Our systems are suitable for:

  • Tray and Film
  • Fully Enclosed Cartons

  • Multi Packs

  • Film Only

  • Tray Only

Technical Data:

As with our entire range, each system is designed and built to discrete and exacting specifications. Proffering a complete package, from design to acceptance at clients site, affords us the possibilty to offer robust performance guarantees.

This way, each client has surety regardless of line throughput.

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Design Process

The process of system design is discrete to each exacting requirement and commences with detailed survey of client facility. CCS technicians possess a wealth of experience and proven track record in successful delivery of client specific solutions.

Having determined precise requirements, the process progresses (typically) with compilation of the following:

Colwall 06

Overall layout drawing in accordance with recognised conveyor design principles

Colwall 01
Colwall 05

Detailed componend design drawings.

Colwall 01
Colwall 03

Drive motor size and speed calculations.

Colwall 01
Colwall 04

Bill for materials.

Upon completion of above and procurement of parts/materials, design and specification is issued for manufacturing at own premises.


Whilst implementation is subjective to each particular project, the process of installation does nonetheless follow certain procedures as laid out in discrete Method Statements and as outlined below:

  • Induction of personnel to site health, safety & werlfare protocol

  • Egress/ingress of plant & equipment as appropriate

  • Erection of same in final location

  • System integrity check and finishing

  • Drive motor rotation checks

  • Startup & production comissioning

  • Acceptance trials to set criteria

Finished Pack Conveyors Installation

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