Case Study

Brothers – New Belt Conveyor System For Loose Containers and Finished Packs

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The Challenge

Seeking to expand their portfolio of finished packs, Brothers Drinks (Brothers) approached Colwall Conveyor Systems (CCS) for support.
Intending to introduce to the supply chain, a range of new card multipacks for alcoholic and mixer drinks, the client planned to integrate a new packaging machine within an existing facility.

Already an approved supplier to Brothers over many years, CCS became the partner of choice to develop a conveyor solution for optimal handling of both loose containers and finished packs.

The Solution

Reputation for supply of quality equipment and added value aside, the client acknowledged too that CCS boast a proven track record in successful project implementation with minimal disruption to routine production. A prerequisite that was paramount considering the client directive, namely that routine operations at the plant would remain uninterrupted throughout installation of new equipment.

Taking everything into account, CCS set about developing a conveyor solution that would facilitate routing of containers to the new, as well as existing, packing machinery. Ultimately, the innovative solution delivered the additional benefit of container route selection, without necessitating change parts.

Considering the client directive of minimal disruption, CCS were disposed to build and test the new conveyor system at their own workshop, thereby reducing time at site absolutely.

Conveyor System Design and Installation

brother drinks conveyor systems
brother drinks canned conveyor system

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