Case Study

Hereford Contract Canning (HCC) Ltd – Design and Installation of New Canning Facility

Hereford Contract Canning (HCC) Ltd – Conveyor Systems for Canned Drinks

The Challenge

When Hereford Contract Canning (HCC) Ltd procured a used high speed can packaging facility, it was Colwall Conveyor Systems (CCS) to whom they reached out for assistance in re-deploying the assets.

Having already completed an extension to their plant in Hereford, HCC were compelled to seek specialist support in establishing a new production line. Given previous experience with the company along with a proven track record in similar assignments, CCS became the obvious appointment as project partner.

The Solution

First and foremost was the task of adapting the assets to suit the newly established floor space with consideration of the following pre-requisites:

  • Optimal container/finished pack handling
  • Ease of access for line operatives and technicians
  • Efficient access for raw materials
  • Strategic positioning of interface consoles (HMI’s)
  • Line of sight from operator stations across entire facility
  • Establishing safe working environment for all personnel

Upon completion of line layout design, CCS set about establishing precisely which equipment was complete and/or fit for purpose, plugging gaps with replacement components as appropriate.

Finally, working to exacting timescales, the company successfully completed site implementation, leaving their client with a flexible, efficient production facility capable of throughputs in excess of 60,000 cans per hour.

Conveyor System Design

Hereford Contract Canning (HCC) Ltd – Conveyor Systems for Canned Drinks plan

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